Wooden Spoons

hand carved wooden spoonBeautiful and practical, these spoons will transform your cooking experience. Elegant and surprisingly light to the touch, I give them a robustness suited to everyday use by working with the natural grain of the wood.
Each and every spoon is personally hand carved and is as unique as the tree it came from and the day it was made.

My spoons are finished through careful and skilled use of my carving knives, without sanding and finished with an edible, nut-free oil and can be washed up by hand along with your other dishes. This gives each piece a delicately faceted surface and a wonderful organic feel in the hand.

Please visit my Etsy store for currently available work

IMG_2966 IMG_3068
Spalted rowan scoop Lilac scoop & teaspoon set
IMG_3109 IMG_3114
Plum spoon #1 160mm Plum spoon #2 185mm
IMG_3085a IMG_3017
Damson teardrop spoon Sycamore teardrop spoon
Olive spoons full jar spoons sycamore
Olive spoons – cherry wood Jar spoons – sycamore wood
IMG_2989 cherry cooking spoons 1
Ebonised birch cooking spoon Cooking spoon – cherry wood