Wooden Hay Rakes

wooden hay rakes

I am one of only a handful of makers producing wooden hay rakes in a traditional way.

Made from the best quality materials to traditional designs these handsome rakes will give you many years of use.

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Due to their size I am unable to send rakes through the post but sell them direct either from my workshop in Manchester or at shows, scythe courses and fairs throughout the summer.spacer for photo

Traditional Hay & Garden Rakes

My rakes are ideal for use in the garden or for making hay by hand. Light and comfortable, they make easy work of moving or turning grass or leaves and are an ideal complement to a scythe.

I make two standard designs, a double bow rake from the north of England and a split handle rake from southern England. The double bows are particularly useful when carrying armfuls of loose hay.

Traditional wooden hay rake P1100075a

Heads are nominally 2ft wide with 12 teeth, stails are approx 6ft long. I can also make other designs, including childrens rakes, wider heads and finer teeth spacings to order – please contact me for details.

Handmade wooden hay rake handmade hay rakes

Making Wooden Rakes

My rakes are made from a combination of locally-sourced native hardwoods for strength and light weight. The head, tines (teeth) and bows are ash while the stail (handle) is hazel or willow. The wood for the head and tines is split to preserve the timber fibres and ensure their strength. Cheaper rakes are often made using sawn timber or dowel, which are weaker.

Wooden rake tine cutting making wooden rakes making wooden rakes

Hay Rake Making Courses

I also teach workshops where you can learn how to make your own rake using hand tools and green wood. I will take you through the process from selecting materials, splitting and shaving the parts to assembling your rake. No experience is necessary, please email me for details.
rake making workshop wooden hay rake making

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