‘Learn to Scythe’ book

Learn to Scythe book coverLearn to Scythe is a brand new practical manual taking you step by step through all the skills to use and maintain an Austrian scythe for cutting grass and other vegetation to manage your land.

While the best way to learn to scythe is to attend a scythe courses where you can be shown how to set up the scythe and mow in person, I realise that this isn’t always possible. Based on my popular Learn to Scythe courses and over 10 years experience of scything and teaching, this book will give you the confidence to start scything and act as a valuable reference for the future.

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  • Introducing the scythe
  • Mowing words
  • Choice of blade
  • Setting up your scythe
  • Ergonomic mowing
  • Honing the edge
  • Peening Continental scythe blades
  • Organising your mowing
  • Scythe safety
  • Looking after your scythe

6 Responses to ‘Learn to Scythe’ book

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  5. Charmian Wright says:

    Hi, is it possible to get your book shipped to the US, and pay for it with US dollars?

    • Steve Tomlin says:

      hi Charmian,
      Yes, my book is available worldwide. Just click on buy now and then pay in your local currency. P&P is the same no matter where you live.
      All the best, Steve

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