Greenwood Carving Courses 2015

Learn to carve in small groups on fun, short courses. Courses make great presents; the memories and skills last long after the day itself.
To book on any courses please email me stevetomlin8[at]
Please note: you must be over 18 to attend these courses.

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Spoon Carving

Spoon carving cours
Based over a weekend you will learn to carve your own spoons and other utensils from locally-sourced green wood.

Working together, we will build up skills over the two days making a variety of projects on the way. I have been carving spoons since 2003 and am recognised as one of the UK’s leading experts. Two days enables you to learn effective carving methods in a safe, relaxed environment. You’ll go home with fantastic memories and the skills continue the craft on your own.

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Fan Bird Carving fan bird

Learn to carve these amazing and beautiful birds from a single piece of wood. We will look at selecting wood and preparing it for carving before you learn to carve your own bird using simple tools and my own specially developed techniques.

Photos from last years fan bird carving

Fan bird carving course

Rake Makinghay rake making

A wooden hay or garden rake is an iconic tool. On this workshop you will learn to split and shape the components for lightness and strength using an axe, drawknife and some specialised rake-making tools.

On this special course, as part of the Flowers of the Dales festival, we’ll be making traditionsl wooden hay rakes and using them to make hay by hand. A perfect course for smallholders and anyone looking to make more from their grass. More details and booking through the Broadrake website.

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One to One Workshops

If you’ve a particular interest, want to look at something in more detail or simply want the opportunity to get more individual attention then you can book your own day in the workshop with me. These are always special days with more chance to discuss ideas, be creative and develop your skills.  If you’ve a greenwood project in mind, contact me and we’ll make it together.

One-to-one sessions are catered to your own goals but could include:

  • Spoon carving and design
  • Hay rake making
  • Fan bird carving
  • Incised letter cutting
  • Steam bending wood
  • Build and use a shave horse
  • Pole lathe turning

A day with me in the workshop costs £150 or share with a friend for £225. Materials are usually included but there may be an additional charge for larger projects.
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riving fan bird feathers cleaving green wood carving with an axe break