Good scythe posture

My mate Dave Oliver sent me this montage of images which he took from the video I made last year of mowing the orchard. He was interested in looking at the posture and body position of a good mowing style to assist his own technique. By aligning the images to keep my feet level he could watch to see how my body moves as I make a cutting stroke with the scythe.
Note that my head stays level throughout and how my arms work to move the scythe through it’s arc. My legs are providing the power for the cut, shifting my torso horizontally and moving the weight from my right foot to the left.
Dave also took a video of himself mowing to compare his own technique and said it helped highlight some areas of improvement. It’s a great set of photos and I hope others find it useful too, thanks.
scythe mowing posture


About Steve Tomlin

I am a greenwood worker and scythe tutor. I carve spoons, bowls and other products from locally sourced greenwood. During the summer I teach scything around the UK.
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