Damson spoons

The Lyth Valley, close to where I live is famous for it’s damsons which are out at the moment. It’s a good year in terms of the crop but difficult harvesting, I’m told because of the wet weather.

I’ve used my own harvest so far to make jam and damson vodka and some wood from an earlier pruning to carve these eating spoons. I split them out radially so I get the colours of the heartwood and sapwood together in each spoon which makes them really stunning.

I made 7 from the log and I’m already using one. The others are £15 + £5 p&p. To order, please use the order form.

Damson eating spoons Damson eating spoons


About Steve Tomlin

I am a greenwood worker and scythe tutor. I carve spoons, bowls and other products from locally sourced greenwood. During the summer I teach scything around the UK.
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