Sculptural bannister installation

It’s always the same: the more interesting things that are going on, the less time there is to write about them.

The week before last I went to London to install the steambent oak staircase bannister with Charlie Whinney. For me this was an important installation. I had made the former which we bent the oak around in the workshop so it was more satisfying than usual when everything fit beautifully into the space. I am the first person that Charlie has trusted to build such an important former.

From the existing square painted bannister rail there is now a sinous curve of oak which seems to have a life of it’s own, curling up through the house and seeking out the light from the skylight above. As both functional bannister rail and sculptural artwork it fits wonderfully into the house.


About Steve Tomlin

I am a greenwood worker and scythe tutor. I carve spoons, bowls and other products from locally sourced greenwood. During the summer I teach scything around the UK.
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