Wooden Spoons

hand carved wooden spoonBeautiful and practical, these spoons will transform your cooking experience. Elegant and surprisingly light to the touch, I give them a robustness suited to everyday use by working with the natural grain of the wood.
Each and every spoon is personally hand carved and is as unique as the tree it came from and the day it was made. Numbered spoons, made from selected curved branches, are one-offs and therefore particularly special.

My spoons and spreaders are finished through careful and skilled use of my carving knives, without sanding. This gives each piece a delicately faceted surface and a wonderful organic feel in the hand.

My spoons are finished with an edible, nut-free oil and can be washed up by hand along with your other dishes; please allow them to air-dry before putting them away.

P&P is charged at a flat rate of £7.50 per order in the UK.
If ordering from elsewhere, please email your order to me at steve-tomlin[at]hotmail.co.uk and I will advise on postage costs.
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Teardrop eating spoon Square eating spoon
Teardrop eating spoon Squoval eating spoon
175x45mm 190×45
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Wide cooking/serving spoon Oval serving spoon
Wide cooking spoon Oval serving spoon
320x80mm 300x75mm
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Mixing spoon
Mixing spoon
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#238 Birch serving spoon #239 Birch serving spoon
#238 Birch serving spoon #239 Birch serving spoon
310x70mm 310x67mm
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Wooden Spreaders

Popular in Scandinavia, carved wooden spreaders are a unique and tactile alternative to a metal butter knife. The shapes sit comfortably in the hand while the broad blades are perfect for spreading jam, butter or your homemade preserves, an ideal gift for jam makers. Unless otherwise indicated, spreaders are made from cherry or sycamore wood.

wooden spreader wooden spreader wooden spreader
Curved blade spreader 180mm Round blade spreader 150mm Straight blade spreader  180mm
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