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I am a greenwood worker and scythe teacher. I carve spoons and bowls, make chairs and more from locally sourced greenwood. Alongside that I teach folk how to mow with a scythe.

Scythe vs Strimmer video

Scythe vs strimmer raceA film of a race between a scythe and a strimmer; no competition, surely? Continue reading

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A very special plane

Stanley ClarkWhile we were ladder making with Stanley Clark the other week, he recommended one particular wooden jack plane for me to use while smoothing the poles. It turned out to be a very special plane indeed. Continue reading

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Ladder making workshop

Wooden ladder makingThe Heritage Crafts Association have opened bookings for the ladder making workshop which I will be leading along with Robin Wood after our two-day ‘apprenticeship’ with Stanley Clark. Continue reading

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Making wooden ladders

Wooden builders ladder made by Stanley ClarkThis month I was invited by the Heritage Crafts Association to take part in their efforts to preserve the craft of making wooden ladders. I travelled down to Northampton with fellow greenwood worker and HCA chair Robin Wood to learn to the craft of making ladders from Stanley Clark who made ladders until the trade ceased in the 1960s. Continue reading

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‘Tai-chi’ mowing with the scythe

A short video demonstrating the difference between mowing using your whole body to power the scythe. No frogs were harmed in the making of this film. Continue reading

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Paper flowers at Spoonfest 2014

Anja SundbergPrior to Spoonfest I was lucky enough to be part of an unofficial craft workshop with Anja Sundberg from Sweden. Continue reading

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A month of mowing

July was my busiest mowing month ever, a whistlestop tour of some of the nicest meadows in the NW. Lots of sun, loads of nice people and I even had my portrait painted! Continue reading

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Spoonfest 2014

Spoonfest 2014 campfirePhotos of the people of Spoonfest 2014 with only a single spoon. Continue reading

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My plate

Handmade craft objects are uniquely individual things, I can spot mine a mile off. Continue reading

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Spoonfest 2013 – Spoon Olympics

Last year saw the epic first ever Spoon Olympics. Words cannot capture the magnificent displays of athletic prowess and spoon heroism that were witnessed on the field of glory, so instead here’s a slideshow of the highlights. white text Oh, … Continue reading

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