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About Steve Tomlin

I am a greenwood worker and scythe tutor. I carve spoons, bowls and other products from locally sourced greenwood. During the summer I teach how to mow with a scythe.

Carving eating spoons

A few photos from the last week taken as I’ve been carving my eating spoons. They’ve proven very popular and I’m especially pleased to have got so many orders from other woodworkers and spoon carvers. The cherry wood is carving … Continue reading

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New Cherry Eating Spoons

Cherry eating spoons
I’m so pleased with my latest eating spoons, freshly-carved from Cumbrian cherry. They not only look and work great but they’re a special price, just for my blog readers. Continue reading

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Medlar Jam

Jam from partly-rotten fruit? Well, everyone said it would work so I had to try… Continue reading

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Wooden birds and brushes for Lancashire Woodcarvers

What do you do when you’re invited to give a demonstration and teach an afternoon workshop for 15 hobby woodcarvers? I was asked to do just that for the Lancashire branch of the Woodcarvers Association and decided to give them some carving they’d never seen before. Continue reading

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Peening scythe repairs for lost tension

What do you do when the organiser of the UK’s biggest scythe event wants to make a bet over whether or not you can repair his favourite antique scythe blade? Why, hammer it of course! Continue reading

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Learn to peen a scythe workshop

scythe peening workshopI’ve just taught the second of two Learn to Peen workshops for the Yorkshire Dales National Park. I’ve been teaching people how to mow with scythes in the park for a couple of years so it was thought that some specific peening courses would be useful to give some of those people confidence in peening which they could then pass on and spread through the networks we’re hoping to build here in the NW. Continue reading

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In The Flow at Sprint Mill

Originally posted on Simon Sylvester:
A few months ago, I was asked by my friends in the Sprintmilling art collective to run a spoken word evening as part of their exhibition for the excellent C-Art open studio trail. My first instinct was…

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C-Art Sprint Mill Exhibition

C-Art at Sprint Mill Following the success of last year, I am once again exhibiting during C-Art in Cumbria as part of the Sprint Mill collective open every day 13-28 Sept 11:00-16:30. The photos give you a taste of what’s on offer but the Mill and the work within needs to be seen in person. Continue reading

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Scythe vs Strimmer video

Scythe vs strimmer raceA film of a race between a scythe and a strimmer; no competition, surely? Continue reading

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A very special plane

Stanley ClarkWhile we were ladder making with Stanley Clark the other week, he recommended one particular wooden jack plane for me to use while smoothing the poles. It turned out to be a very special plane indeed. Continue reading

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